| Color proofing

We have at our disposal professional printers and software that ensure accurate reproduction of your layout, taking into account the profiles of the printing process.

Epson Stylus Pro WT790

The first water-based white ink printer for flexographic proofing. The printer uses a unique ink formula that can print on various materials, such as transparent or metallized films, up to 610 mm wide. Using 11 cartridges, the printer provides a wide color gamut, including 98 percent coverage of colors from the PANTONE catalog


The latest version of EFI Colorproof FX is a high-quality and reliable solution for contract color proofing, which enables the production of color proofs with a raster outlet, lineature and raster rotation angles specified by the customer. We pay much attention to quality control of the obtained color proofs. For this, a hardware-software complex based on EFI Color Verifier and X-Rite i1 is used. On each color proof, a Ugra Fogra-MediaWedge control strip is printed, which is measured by a spectrophotometer, and the data obtained is compared with the reference values. The difference (delta) is estimated according to ISO standards and is fixed on the back of the proof.